2010 LSH Calendar, Anyone?
The New Year, of course, means a new wall calendar for the year.

So, do any of my friends who are fans of the Legion know if there is a 2010 Legion of Super-Heroes wall calendar? And if so, where it can be purchased?

Happy (LSH) New Year!
Happy New Year!

I would like to wish each and every one of my LiveJournal friends and those who are fans of the Legion of Super-Heroes a safe, healthy, and Happy New Year. May the Goddess bless you with health, prosperity, safety, and good cheer for the coming year.

It's been a fabulous year in the comics world for the Legion and all fans of the super-hero group that has been around longer than so many comics groups out there, and here's hoping that 2011 is another banner year for the Legion. We've got a Legion Annual coming up this month, and a Legion of Super-Villains Special issue soon as well, so it looks like it's shaping up to be an interesting year for the Legion.

Happy New Year, one and all! :)

The Fatal Five
As some folks here may know, I've been re-reading the Legion comics starting with Adventure Comics #247, and working forward, and am currently in the middle of the original Adventure run.

I've just finished reading the very first appearance of the Fatal Five, in Adventure Comics #352-353, and was wondering what folks think of the Fatal Five, and their various appearances over the years.

Thoughts? Comments?

Favourite/Least Favourite LSH Villains
One of the subjects that comes up randomly at times about the Legion of Super-Heroes in all its variety and flavours is about villains the LSH has faced over the years.

I have to say that over the years, my favourite Legion villain has to be Universo. Whenever Universo strikes, he's been out for something big. He's conquered Earth twice that I can remember, and both times it took a small group of Legionnaires to deal with him and his plans. (They had help from Rond Vidar, his son, as well, but it was lovely stuff.

There have been a few other villains over the years whom I have liked as well, notably the Fatal Five and the Khunds, but for some reason, the smaller stories with less potent villains have been some of my favourites. I always did like Evillo and Grimbor the Chainsman.

My least favourite villain, on the other hand, was easy. Doctor Mayavale. A zany, crazy, strange-and-not-in-a-good way villain who never really seemed to gel for me, and his outlandish schemes were odd, to say the least. His appearance in the Legion titles was anything but pleasant to me.

The other villain that never really worked for me was the Composite Legionnaire. This was meant to be a riff on the whole Composite Superman business, and while he/she/it (?) was definitely "villainous", it never worked for me and wasn't the effective threat that he/she/it could have been. Another villain that never worked for me were the Legion of Super-Rejects, a team of characters from the homeworlds of several of the Legionnaires who felt that their powers were better than their Legionnaire counterparts and they should have been part of the Legion, not the ones who actually were. The story in question was about resolve and teamwork, something that the rejects didn't have, of course, but I just found that story somewhat...blaah.

So, who are your favourite and least favourite LSH villains?

Legion Annual #1 Postponed
For those who missed the news, the Legion of Super-Heroes v6 Annual #1 has been postponed to January 19th, 2011. It was supposed to be out next week, but Keith Giffen suffered an eye injury, and his post of December 17th clears things up:

Keith Giffen posting at the DC Message Boards

Welcome to LSH_chat! :)
Hello, everyone! :)

Welcome to lsh_chat, a community devoted to the Legion of Super-Heroes, a mega- and super-(pardon the pun!) group of heroes that exists in the DC Comics universe in the 30th Century.

This community is devoted to the discussion of the Legion in all its various incarnations, its splendour, its periods of less-than-stellar comic stories, and will deal with everything that pertains about the Legion of Super-Heroes.

Come on in, join the list, and tell all your friends about the Legion and lsh_chat. Bring lots of folks over here to visit, and if you like what you see, join the list. Look forward to lots of discussion about the super-hero team that has been around for more than 50 years. :)


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