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About the Reboot of 2011
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dewline wrote in lsh_chat
Wondering what the sense of the room is to this announced plan for September onwards...?

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Hard to say until we see more, but at least Paul Levitz is still writing the core LSH book.

And Legion LOst might be interesting....

At least Levitz' neighbourhood isn't getting too badly shaken up this time 'round by the looks of it. Except for the characters coming back to the 21st Century for another visit and finding things...not at all as their previous visits led them to expect.

Not unlike the rest of us here in reader-land.

(Deleted comment)
If that's Francis Portela's work accompanying the Levitz interview, then it's evolved considerably over the last half-year. I've got his work on "Brainy and Cham go to Naltor" from # 7 of the latest series right in front of me and it looks more detail-oriented in the line art.

I have to say that at first I wasn't looking forward to the reboot of 2011, simply because I thought, "Oh, no! All Levitz's work down the tubes!" and "*Another* bloody reboot of Legion continuity!"

My attitude towards this was changed somewhat when I read about the reboot, and learned to my great pleasure and surprise that the main Legion title was not being completely rebooted, so much as just being started over again from #1 (making it Legion v7, I guess), though the loss of Adventure Comics and the Legion Academy stories will be a tough pill to swallow. The addition of the new Legion Lost comic, featuring Timber Wolf, Tyroc, Wildfire, Dawnstar, Gates, Tellus, and Chameleon Girl, promises to be interesting, though I have to say that the loss of Wolf, Wildfire, and Dawnstar from the original comic will be a sore loss, but the premise seems interesting enough.

I can't say that I'm crazy about Francis Portela's artwork, though his work in the Legion #7 wasn't bad, and a vast improvement on some of his earlier work that I've seen. I don't have a lot of experience of Pete Woods's artwork, but am looking forward to seeing what he brings to Legion Lost based on the preview of the art that we've seen.

Overall, I'm feeling pretty mixed about the reboot and the revamp that's coming, and I hope there's not a lot of wholesale changes. But I feel that we've suffered through worse with our Legion, haven't we?

Long Live the Legion!

It's as if the Legion era characters in the main DC 'verse somehow been immunized by virtue of temporal distance from the current "here and now" from Flashpoint's planned effects, if the promo stuff we've seen thus far is any guide.

It's the characters from the 20th and 21st centuries that I worry most for right now...

Personally, I'm glad about the immunization due to temporal distance from the 21st Century goings on, but I have to say that I'm not all that happy about the Legion Lost title, and what it means for those characters (well, at least Dawny, Timber Wolf, and Wildfire).

That said, I only buy the JSA titles from the modern day stuff and Power Girl's comic, and I'm still pretty annoyed about the JSA titles going down. Silly decision on the part of the company, methinks.

My irrational(?) fear is that the current upper management has long taken the view that the JSA and other Golden Agers and related characters make the DCU line as a whole skew to an older audience, that not being to their liking.

Terry O'Reilly had a few polite but firm things to say about going after the "youth market" when that's not where the money's going to be for the next couple of decades on his CBC radio show Age of Persuasion a month or so back. He didn't have comics at all in mind, but I'm wondering if he didn't nail the problem spot-on.

I don't think that your fear in this regard is irrational at all. I think it's the higher-ups at DC wanting to make the DCU appeal to a younger, not older, audience.

I agree with Terry O'Reilly's comments in this regard, and while he wasn't talking about the comic books market, he was spot on about the problem and what's about to happen. Expect another DCU reboot in what, 2 years? or so. :(

Guessing that you'd indeed listened to that Age of Persuasion instalment. It's a good show, and more than a little useful in recent years.

Back to comics, though. If the pace of reboots at DC keeps accelerating, you may have a point about "two years" that you'd have preferred to be wrong about.

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