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LSH v.6 # 9 (I think?)
Legion, LSH, futurism
dewline wrote in lsh_chat
I think we're on the sixth series now, right?

Are we still confining the United Planets' borders to within our own Galaxy?

Brainy's reference to wormholes between Sol and Durla's home system got me thinking about this.

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Yep, we're on the sixth series of the Legion comics now. :)

Your question about the United Planets' borders is an interesting one, given Brainiac 5's reference to the wormholes, but I have no answer for you. Sure makes for an interesting...size to police...kind of issue, doesn't it?

Yes, it does.

One thing I give the KTM team credit for during their run was that they made a point of defining the borders of the Legion Era "great powers" that they knew of: UP, Khunds, Dominators, Dark Circle...and with Mayfair Games' help, mapped them out as best they could.

Trying to remember if 2995 was published before Henbest and Couper's Guide to the Galaxy or afterward. Either way, between that book, the research Geoffrey Mandel and company did for Star Trek: Star Charts and nyrath's Galactic Map 2.0 poster...never mind the various web resources now on offer as well!...we've got a lot more real-'verse info for LSH writers to play with!

I'm not sure whether a "real-'verse" universe works that well for the Legion. I've always thought that it would be nice for writers of the comic series to be consistent in terms of what's "out there" in Legion continuity.

That said, I still love the Mayfair Games material on stuff, and the 2995 sourcebook still had some great material on this subject in it.

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